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How does LyFEL work?

Upon enrollment:

Students choose the option:

Additional Curriculum


Additional Curriculum +

During the school year:

With LyFEL, students join their class, teacher, and peers. Classes are synchronous via video conference. Work is done at their own pace, with their teacher.

On the platform, they also find all content: lessons, exercises, and assignments.

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  • Video conferences take place at the end of the day, and the schedules are adapted to your child’s daily routine.
  • They respect the biological rhythms of the child.
  • No video conferences in the evening.

Maximum class size:

CP (Grade 1)

4 students

CE1/CE2 (Grades 2/3)

6 students

CM1/CM2 (Grades 4/5)

10 students

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The courses are designed and taught by certified teachers who are passionate about their subject, specializing in distance education.
They are daily accompanied by educational engineers.
Our teachers are available to answer our students’ questions outside of class hours. Communication within LyFEL teams is a value we hold dear and one of our great strengths.

School Programs

All courses are designed in accordance with the programs of the French National Education.

Details of the programs, weekly hours, and schedules are provided in our brochures.

School Life at LyFEL


LyFEL has drawn inspiration from the best of several international systems to create a reliable, innovative, and caring French curriculum.

Your children benefit from parent-teacher meetings, tailor-made pedagogical adaptations, participation in a rich cultural life, receipt of report cards, learning of emotional skills, and much more.


Communication with our teachers is easy via our internal and secure messaging system. Families can contact them to exchange information or schedule an online appointment if needed. Teachers are required to respond to family requests within 72 hours.


At the beginning of each month, your children’s teachers provide, in the form of a calendar, the detailed program of future learning for the period, session by session, as well as resources, dates, and topics for evaluations.

Finally, at the end of each video conference, a summary document of the topics covered during the session is systematically sent to all students, allowing them to learn and progress serenely.

Absences, Delays, and Possible Malfunctions

It may happen that your child is absent or late for a class. In this case, the concerned teacher will trigger the recording of the video conference and send it to the student at the end of the class. The use of these recordings is strictly governed by our internal regulations, in accordance with French GDPR.
Each delay is automatically reported to families. Students must do their best to arrive on time to avoid disrupting the smooth functioning of the classes.
In any case, classes start at the scheduled time to avoid penalizing the present students.
In the event of a hypothetical global malfunction of the system beyond our control, pre-recorded video lessons will be made available to our students to avoid disrupting their academic progress.
This system allows all our students to organize themselves and progress serenely.

Follow-ups and Report Cards

  • All our students benefit from comprehensive academic and pedagogical support.
  • Their learning is accompanied by monthly LEGO therapy sessions that reinforce French and math learning.
  • Quarterly skills report and parent-teacher meetings.

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