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Dear families,

We are delighted to introduce you to LyFEL, the French online school.

LyFEL is the result of 15 years of teaching experience in various international and French educational systems abroad.

We have created a unique educational institution that combines the French curriculum with teaching philosophies from the best international schools, along with our distinctive cultural blend.

It begins in primary school with an intensive focus on acquiring the French language and the fundamentals of learning: reading, writing, mathematics, and the cultural tools to explore and understand the world around us. We marvel every day at how quickly our students thrive.

In middle school, the recognized rigor of the French system takes center stage. As our students develop analytical skills that enable advanced academic work, they also strengthen their identity as independent thinkers, charting their own course.

The high school is a unique mosaic of identities. This diversity of people and voices leads to profound reflections and works that are excellent preparation for an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

At each level of education, students are guided by teachers with advanced degrees. Some of them have lived and worked for prestigious educational institutions worldwide. Their natural curiosity, thirst for learning and innovation, as well as their openness to other cultures, deeply enrich their interactions with our students.

LyFEL’s declared goal is to provide each of our students with the means to obtain the skills and openness of a dual education, culminating in the attainment of a double diploma.

To achieve this, we had to imagine, build, and offer a framework that would allow them to maintain a strong and reliable connection with the French school system while being compatible with the daily lives of students who sometimes already have a full-time education.

LyFEL is, in this regard, an innovative solution that allows French and francophone children, whether enrolled in school or not, to have an authentic experience in service of their future.

We look forward to welcoming you among us.

Best regards,

Valérie Sistac
Hélène Clamens

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