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An innovative, authentic, and multicultural educational institution that encourages each of its students to excel and meet the challenges of a double diploma for the future.


Who are we?

  • LyFEL is an excellent and innovative online French school.
  • LyFEL allows French or Francophone students to supplement their education from elementary school to high school in order to obtain a double diploma.
  • LyFEL also allows French high school students to choose their specialties or options.
  • LyFEL is registered with the French National Education.

Studying at LyFEL means meeting classmates from around the world, benefiting from an extraordinary cultural openness through webinars organized throughout the year, and joining an international alumni network.

We are proud to together shape the citizens, innovators, thinkers, and leaders of tomorrow’s world.


How does LyFEL work?

An excellent education supplement in service:

With our concept of an education supplement, LyFEL merges two educational systems.

From elementary school to high school, LyFEL enriches your children’s programs with the skills of the French National Education.

Two options are possible, our « supplement » or our « supplement +, » depending on your needs or desires.

Our experienced, certified or agrégés teachers supervise classes from 4 to 12 students maximum.

Thanks to LyFEL, French-speaking children seamlessly integrate or reintegrate into the French system, enriched by their international experience.
This double education allows obtaining a double diploma with the baccalaureate and the DNB for all.

Expatriates French and Francophones

Enroll in the specialty or option of the terminal cycle of your choice.

Join a class with a maximum of 12 students and benefit from excellent learning conditions as well as year-round support.

Benefit from the expertise of passionate, certified, and aggregated teachers from the French National Education, experts in the subject they teach.

Take secure and certified assessments that provide all the necessary guarantees for your specialty average to be integrated into your continuous assessment.

Access post-baccalaureate orientations that respect your wishes!

High School Students: Teaching Specialties and Options

Offer your students the added value of a French international section and a double diploma.

International Schools


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our brochures

Details of educational programs, schedules per week, timetables, and prices are provided in our brochures.

We operate like a school with classes, classmates whom you meet several times a week in video conferences, a head teacher, teachers, bulletins…
All our classes mix individual candidates and those from partner institutions.
Our students benefit from small class teaching conditions as well as a range of cultural and extracurricular activities.

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LyFEL's strengths

  • An intelligent and caring education supplement
  • Institution registered with the French National Education
  • Certified and aggregated teachers from the National Education
  • Follow-up of National Education programs
  • Video conferences and individualized follow-up


LyFEL, with its unique complementary education concept, merges two school systems into a comprehensive journey. The skills acquired in the initial curriculum are leveraged to meet the requirements of the French programs. We avoid teaching unnecessary duplications. LyFEL adapts to the knowledge and skills already acquired to facilitate, or even accelerate, the acquisition of the knowledge and know-how required by the programs of the French National Education.

With its unique concept of enrichment, LyFEL provides a comprehensive educational journey. Our students are guided by teachers certified by the French National Education (certified and aggregated), strictly following French programs. They become part of a real class that they meet during video conferences throughout the week, connecting with classmates who accompany them throughout the year.

They benefit from parent-teacher meetings, personalized pedagogical adaptations, participate in a rich cultural life, receive report cards, learn emotional skills, and more. LyFEL drew inspiration from the best aspects of various international systems to create an excellent, reliable, innovative, and caring French curriculum, tailored to your needs.

At the end of each video conference, a summary document of the topics covered during the session is systematically sent to all students, allowing them to learn and progress confidently. Additionally, at the beginning of each month, teachers provide their students with a detailed program of upcoming learning sessions, including resources, dates, and assessment topics. This approach allows all our students to organize themselves confidently.

LyFEL allows for dual enrollment leading to the attainment of a dual diploma with the baccalaureate or the DNB. Our students thus have access to a wider range of higher education options in France, Europe, and around the world. We also enable French expatriate students, students in homeschooling (Instruction En Famille or IEF), and globetrotting students to seamlessly reintegrate into the French education system with all the necessary administrative documents and without any gaps.

In practice, our students attend the additional classes of their LyFEL online class after their regular school day. The videoconference schedules are tailored to our students’ timetables and respect the child’s biological rhythms.
The work is done synchronously in small classes.
Older students, especially those in exam classes, may have some asynchronous tasks to complete.

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